Corporate Culture

Hao Hong slogan: beautiful achievement self-confidence

Hao Hong's mission: to realize customer's dream and promote the development of American career


Hao Hong enterprise objective

1. Relying on bit by bit, perseverance and hard work, make us gradually become a world-class excellent enterprise.

2. Take customer value as the main guide, take customer satisfaction as the standard, build and manage the company in an all-round way, aim at the best in the industry, base on reality, pursue tirelessly, bit by bit and realize.


Hao Hong's business purpose

1. Serving customers: To maximize the guidance and satisfaction of customers'needs by wholeheartedly providing customers with high-quality products and perfect services.

2. Serve the staff: With an open-minded attitude, provide employees with a challenging and self-development work environment; pursue the value-added of human capital prior to the value-added of financial capital, so that Yaqian really become a place to train people.

3. Serving shareholders: through advanced and pragmatic management, make reasonable profits for shareholders.

4. Serving the society: Hao Hong contributes to the community and even the whole society with the success of the company; Hao Hong people make unremitting efforts for the prosperity of the motherland, the rejuvenation of the nation and the happiness of their families.


The spirit of Hao Hong

Lifelong learning, unity, cooperation, independence, self-improvement, courage to change, scrutiny of details, pursuit of perfection, execution above everything else.


Hao Hong's colleagues

Honesty, integrity, solidarity, initiative, innovation, self-examination, self-transcendence, and the pursuit of excellence