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Can I put a perfume bottle in my car?

Update:12 Sep 2019

You can't put a perfume bottle in your car, and it is e […]

You can't put a perfume bottle in your car, and it is easy to explode in summer.

Alcohol is one of the main components of perfume, and the characteristics of alcohol are flammable and volatile. Therefore, it happens that the bottle is similar to the shape of a convex lens, and the professional China Nail Brushes Manufacturersconcentrated light ignites the alcohol therein, and it also explodes. When the temperature inside the car is too high, the gas generated in the perfume bottle easily breaks the explosion caused by the perfume bottle.

Some perfume bottles pay attention to the appearance and shape similar to the convex lens design. The temperature of the concentrated spot generated by sunlight can reach Baidu, and we understand that the regular perfume will be marked with a safe use environment temperature (usually 45 ° C), so whether it is It is not a spotlight or an indoor environment that is hot enough in summer. Although they are not open flames, the temperature is enough to ignite the combustibles in the perfume.