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Cosmetic bottles are used to grow more meat.

Update:04 Jul 2019

In the past few days, I wrote an article to teach flowe […]

In the past few days, I wrote an article to teach flower friends how to use meat in cosmetic bottles. They are liked by many flower friends. At the same time, there are also many questions. Today, Xiaobian specially wrote this article to answer everyone.
The first is the problem of punching holes.China Nail Bottles Manufacturers

Many flower friends asked me how to punch holes in skin care bottles? It seems that it is a very difficult problem. In fact, it is very simple. There are special punchers on the Internet. It is very cheap. It is good to buy one for punching.

There is also the size problem.

Usually the skin care bottles are not large, which requires the selection of suitable succulent varieties for planting. Of course, many sleeping mask bottles are still quite large, and enough meat is enough.
Another is the decoration problem.

The last time I wrote was to use hemp rope decoration. I like it myself. Xiaobian also likes rag decoration. I can choose some numbness, small floral cloth, and the bottle mouth can do some lace. The artistic sense is very strong. The home is full of sense of hand, and the owner is more passionate about the quality of life.