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Finger carapace oil can be used for crystal drops?

Update:16 Jun 2020

Shouldn't it be Crystal drop bai glue is a kind of AB g […]

Shouldn't it be
Crystal drop bai glue is a kind of AB glue formulated with two components du. It has the characteristics of low viscosity, high transparency, yellowing resistance and good folding resistance. That is to say, the hardness of crystal glue will be relatively large, and it is not easy to smash. The things made with large transparency are crystal clear, and because the viscosity is low, it can be easily buckled from the mold, so crystal glue is an ideal DIY material. The finished product can be made into pendants, bracelets and other artworksNail Polish Bottle Caps Wholesale

The nail polish is originally coated with nails and does not have the multiple functions of crystal glue. After drying, it is very brittle, low hardness, low transparency, high viscosity, so it is not easy to buckle it out in the mold, so the finished products are pitted. Wow wow the effect is not good
Generally use crystal drop glue DIY without nail polish
But nail polish also has his usefulness. You can download many hand-made guest apps that use nail polish to make flowers, and there are tutorials for DIY crystal drop glue. Many tutorials are on the top. What do you want to find?

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