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Gel Nails - Simple Tips For Natural Nail Care

Update:27 Dec 2019

Nails which are well cared for make a positive impressi […]

Nails which are well cared for make a positive impression on your personality. One of the most delicate parts of our body, nails are constantly exposed to chemicals, water, heat, cold and other elements of nature. This tends to make them brittle, rough and even prone to breakage at times. However, everyone does not have the time or inclination to visit a nail spa each time to get gorgeous nails. Nail care can be done even at home with some simple tips and techniques listed below:

o Always keep your nails clean and well groomed. Keep a toothbrush in the shower and use on your nails each time to brush gently over and under the nails. Apply a cuticle oil/cream last thing in the night to moisturize your nails.China Perfume Bottles Manufacturers

o Be kind to your hands and nails. Use gloves while performing tasks like dishes, gardening or other cleaning chores around the house. This will keep the dirt off the nails and prevent them from breakage and discoloration due to chemical exposure or while performing tasks like chopping colored fruits and vegetables.

o Keep your nails a reasonable length, depending on your daily schedule and tasks. Too long will cause frequent breakages and too short may make you look un-groomed.

o Keep your nails painted either with transparent paint for a shiny and healthy look or with some pastel shades which go with most outfits. This way you will be saved from painting your nails if you urgently have to go out. Also, always apply a second coat of paint after the first one has completely dried out.

o Use an acetone free remover to get the nail polish off. Acetone tends to dry out cuticles and negatively affects the health of your nails.

o Keep a home manicure and pedicure kit handy at home. Orangewood sticks, nail clippers, file with a minimum 240 grit, nail brush, manicure and pedicure bowl. These will help you get decent nail maintenance at home and keep your nails healthy. Remember to regularly replace these implements and sterilize those which need to so as to prevent bacterial infection.

o Do not use your nails as tools to open bottles, letters just because you are in a hurry. This will cause long term damage. Instead use bottle openers, letter openers handy.