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How do you make this gradient nail polish effect yourself?

Update:12 Jul 2019

1. Remove the nail polish from the nail with a cotton s […]

1. Remove the nail polish from the nail with a cotton swab. Trim the nail with a nail clipper according to the desired length. Then use a nail file to smooth the edges of the nail and shape the nail. Use a dead skin fork to remove the dead skin from the root of the nail and increase the exposed area of the nail to make it look slimmer.
2. Apply a thin layer of clear base oil to your nails. The base oil can protect the nails and smooth the surface of the nails for easy coloring.Plastic Nail Polish Bottle Caps Suppliers
3. Apply the selected color to all nails. Usually the base color needs to be applied in two layers. Wait until the first layer of nail polish is completely dry and apply the second layer. In order to make the nail polish dry faster, it has to be painted thinner each time. Alternatively, apply a thin coating twice and do not apply a thick layer at a time.
4. Apply a layer of nail polish from 3/4 of the nail. After drying, apply a layer from 1/2.
5. Finally, in order to make the gradient effect more natural, you can apply a layer of transparent nail polish. After drying out, you can see the effect of the gradient nail polish.