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How to make plastic bottles by hand?

Update:06 Mar 2020

First, the large plastic bottle is transformed into a s […]

First, the large plastic bottle is transformed into a storage tube

1. First, prepare a large plastic bottle, and use scissors to cut off the oblique part of the bottle mouth.

2. Then take out a piece of floral cloth and make a sleeve according to the circumference of the bottle.Nail Polish Bottle Caps Wholesale

3. Next, put the sleeve from the top to the bottom, cover the two-thirds of the position of the plastic bottle, and then roll it up to glue the sleeve and the bottle together with hot melt adhesive.

4. Then fold the upper mouth of the cover 1-2 cm, and sew it with needle and thread, remember to leave two mouths, find a rope to string in the middle to form a retractable pocket. It is very practical to put small items or small toys for children.
Second, plastic small chair manufacturing steps

1. Use a pencil to draw a drawing of a small stool on white paper.

2. Cut out a rectangular plastic piece with scissors.

3. Lay the plastic sheet flat and place it on the production chart. Use the ruler to draw lines on the plastic sheet according to the long line in the production chart and make a mark.

4. Use scissors to make a cut of the solid line shown in the figure.

5. Finally, insert the two pieces together to get a cute little chair. If you want to be a couch, you can widen the width of the chair.