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How to reuse-an-Old-Bottle-of-Nail-Polish

Update:14 Dec 2019

When you reach the end of the nail polish bottle, give […]

When you reach the end of the nail polish bottle, give pause before tossing it out. There is still more you can do with it yet!

Add a few drops of nail polish thinner to the bottle. Put the lid back on firmly
Give the bottle a good shake. The nail polish thinner will help to release any congealed nail polish, making it usable again
Use as usual, until it's all gone.
Cleaning out an old bottle of nail polish
Work over a surface where it's okay to make stains. One good way is to line a counter with several layers of newspaper and work over an old ice cream container placed on this paper surface.
See Warnings below for ventilation and proper disposal.Cosmetic Bottles Manufacturers
Tip the bottle over to empty out any nail polish that will come out on its own. Tip into a lidded container ready for proper disposal.
This step may not be applicable, if so, simply skip to the next step.
Add a few drops of nail polish thinner or paint thinner in the bottle if there are dried-up remnants of nail polish. Swish it about and dispose of the remains in a lidded container that you can dispose of properly. Don't wash it down the drain, as these contents may harm the environment.[3]
If you find there are dried-on blobs of polish that stubbornly resist removal, add nail polish thinner to cover, then soak for about five minutes. Then use a toothpick to pick off the stuck-on polish.
Add some acetone to finish cleaning out all polish residue. Add the lid on tightly. Shake this around for about a minute, to lift off any remains and pick up the last of the nail polish. This will also clean the brush. Tip into the container, then dispose of the container properly