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The difference between base oil, nail oil and transparent nail polish.

Update:22 Feb 2020

The differences between base oil, nail oil, and transpa […]

The differences between base oil, nail oil, and transparent nail polish are mainly manifested in the functions and the order of use.

1, different effects

Primer: There are three types of primers: those that prevent nails from turning yellow, and those that increase hardness, and those that are ordinary primers. The function of the primer is to isolate nails and nail polish, to prevent nails from breaking or delaminating, and to avoid nail damage Injuries from chemicals such as acetone, ethyl acetate, butyl phthalate in nail polish.

Nail Polish: Firm nails, isolate nails and nail polish, and protect nails from excessive nail polish damage. There is also a kind of nail oil that can evenly blow on the nails to fill the small depressions on the uneven surface of the nails, so that the nail oil can be applied well on the top for better color. The total composition of armor oil is similar to that of nail polish, but its pigment content is less than that of nail polish, so the armor oil you see is transparent or light-colored.

Transparent nail polish: The effect of transparent nail polish is similar to that of nail polish. It will reflect the luster with the light, and it will have a transparent feeling if it is frozen.

2. Use order is different

Primer: Generally applied before applying nail polish as a primer.

Nail Polish: Nail polish can be used alone or before nail polish.

Transparent nail polish: Transparent nail polish can be applied alone or applied last, which can make the color of the nail polish more shiny and longer-lasting.