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Nail polish got on the clothes, how to clean it

Update:30 Aug 2019

Hello! Nail polish is inadvertently applied to the clot […]

Hello! Nail polish is inadvertently applied to the clothes. Nail polish is a very stubborn stain. It is difficult to remove with ordinary detergents and washing methods. In order to keep the clothes clean and tidy, it does not affect the wearing. It is recommended that you go to a professional laundry to ask professionals. Perform local processing and try to restore.
If the clothes are stained with ordinary stains, such Plastic Nail Polish Bottle Caps Suppliersas cooking oil, juice, etc., the following methods can be used:
1. When the clothes are dry, apply the special washing liquid solution by hand to the stains, completely cover the stains, leave it for 5 minutes (can be gently washed), and add the washing liquid to wash regularly;
2. If the stain cannot be removed after the above method, then
(1) Pure white cotton, linen, polyester material: Add half of the water (about 2 liters) to the white clothing color stain (600g specification) 1 bottle cap (40g), stir well, put in clothes and soak for 30min Rinse clean.
* If necessary, extend the soaking time appropriately. If the color stains are not removed after 2 hours, remove the clothes, add white clothing stains to the pots (add 1 cap per half pot of water), mix well, put in clothes and continue to soak The cumulative soaking time is no more than 6 hours.
(2) White clothing of color or other materials: put the clothes into the basin, stick the stained parts to the bottom of the basin, and use the colored clothing stains (600g size) to cover the 1/4 bottle cap (10g) color clothing color. Stain the net and 1/4 cap (10 g) collar, pour it on the stain, cover the stain with other non-stained parts of the clothes, prevent the air from drying, let stand for 2 hours, rinse clean. If the stain remains unremoved after 2 hours, extend the rest time to overnight.
1. White clothing stains are suitable for white cotton, linen, polyester, polyester cotton, cotton and linen fabrics. Do not use them for colored clothes (including white stripes, white background, white background printing). Silk wool spandex nylon and other non-chlorine bleaching clothes, do not use the stock solution directly.
2, color clothing color stains are not suitable for easy to fade clothing, dry cleaning clothing, avoid contact with metal buttons, zippers, metal ornaments, etc. on clothing, avoid direct sunlight.