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Nail polish guide

Update:23 Apr 2020

Many little fairies like to make a manicure for themsel […]

Many little fairies like to make a manicure for themselves, but they always fail to apply nail polish on their own. There is no way to make them as perfect as the young ladies in the nail shop. Is there any way to apply perfect nails at home, come have a look!
When applying, first apply the middle part of the nail to the root of the nail, and then apply the two sides of the nail separately. In this way, the color of the entire nail polish will be more uniform, and the nail polish will not be smooth if it is not well controlled. , But it doesn't matter, you can use the brush to gently adjust the nail surface, or wipe it with a paper towel, you can still rescue it! But if the nail polish is dry, it will be cool ...

For the nail polish that is applied, you can use a cotton swab dipped in a little nail polish remover to wipe off the excess. The small top of the cotton swab can more easily clean up the spilled nail polish. You can apply a layer of bright oil after finishing the nail polish, which can enhance the brightness and flatness of the nail polish, so that your nails can be smooth and blingbling!nail polish bottles wholesale

Applying nail polish is so simple, the little fairy with a clever hand can try it quickly ~ Maybe her operation is 6 more than the nail shop!