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Perfume Bottles of the Past

Update:29 Nov 2019

It is of utmost importance to store perfume in containe […]

It is of utmost importance to store perfume in containers that will protect the essential oils and other aromatic ingredients that they are made of from evaporation or other forms of deterioration. Bottles that are typically used for storing Eau de Cologne or Eau de Professional Nail Bottles ManufacturersToilette usually have stoppers, especially in well established brands. Perfume bottles can also be opaque or colored to shield them from sunlight's harm.

Another way to protect an Eau de toilette or Eau de Cologne from sun damage is by putting it into faceted containers, probably glass, as this will reflect the light away from the mixture that is stored within. During the time of early civilization perfumes were highly celebrated by the people of the time. You can see evidence of this when exploring the remains of Egyptian tombs.

Another historical period where you can see the evidence of vast perfume use is the Renaissance period. It is highly visible that there were small, decorative glass bottles for perfume manufactured by artisans in Venice. Using of these decorative types of bottles for Eau de toilette and Eau de Cologne traveled rapidly and massively through France, England and Silesia in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth centuries, because the people of the time found the bottles so attractive.

The making of these styles of perfume bottles spread to Italy where glass manufacturers like the famous Murano, could not refrain from showing off there skills to create elaborate glass bottles for perfumes. Glass bottles made for Murano were covered with colored glass in a latticework pattern.

German glass makers were, meanwhile, making perfume bottles from white glass with enamel and other types of embellishments on their exteriors. During the Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries in England, as popularity for the bottles increased, perfume bottles also were made from or decorated with enamel, porcelain or silver. Inside of these perfume containers were glass vials for actually holding the scents.

More decorations graced the exteriors of these bottles when they were painted with classical scenes, flowers or landscapes. Perfume bottles are also made directly from porcelain. These porcelain perfume containers are produced in many different shapes.

Shapes can resemble balls, shells, nuts and other items. Collectors of perfume bottles often collect Victorian styled perfume bottles. Perfume bottles from the Victorian era were delicate and feminine in design. They were especially for ladies. These bottles are considered the most exclusive bottles a collector may like to own.