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Quality requirements for cosmetics

Update:04 Aug 2016

Appearance quality requirement foreign body No rust, oi […]

Appearance quality requirement

foreign body

No rust, oil or water stains are allowed. No paper scraps, insects, hair, broken glass, metal, a large amount of dust and other foreign bodies are allowed in the bottle.

Bottle mouth

No big mouth, small mouth, crack, breakage, burr; bottleneck no obvious deviation or displacement, affecting filling and compatibility.


It must be smooth, smooth, without deformation, incomplete and rough.

Die line

There must be no obvious safety and compatibility such as prominent, double die line misalignment and sharp burrs.

Sitting posture

The bottom of the bottle has no concave and convex deformation and affects the smoothness.

The thickness of the bottle body is even within the receiving range, and the thickness is not less than 1.5mm.

There should be no cracks, cracks and breakage in all parts of the bottle.

Discoloration point

The main face allows I or 2 points of concentration less than 0.5mm, but does not affect.

LOGO and layout;

2 or 3 non concentrating points of the non dominant face of 0.5mm are not affected.


The main surface allows 1 or 2 bubbles of 0.5mm, but does not affect it.

LOGO and layout; non-main view allows_less than 1 mm of three bubbles and does not affect the layout; but does not allow bursting bubbles.

Sand holes

The main view allows I or 2 trachoma without 0.5mm.

LOGO and layout; non dominant surface.

It is allowed to have less than 3 sand holes below 1mm and does not affect the layout.

Demand for sand

Surface thickness is appropriate, moderate thickness, sand placement generally does not rise to the bottom of the thread, not lower than the bottleneck and the bottle body junction, the bottle face is not allowed to have a bright spot, the side of the bottle is not more than 0.8 mm bright spot 5.

The 5 bright spots at the bottom do not exceed 1.0mm.

Printing quality

The contents, fonts, deviations, colors and sizes of the patterns and characters shall conform to the requirements of the standard samples and the patterns or fonts shall be neat and clear. No obvious fonts shall be blurred, chromatic aberration, shifted, margined.

Overprint is not allowed.

Printing position

The allowable deviation of upper and lower deviations is (+0.5mm) and the deviation of left and right deviations is (+0.25mm) for those less than 30ml, and the allowable deviation of upper and lower deviations is (+0.75mm) and that of left and right deviations is (+0.25mm) for those more than 30ml.

Printing, bronzing and spraying intensity

Test with 3M810 adhesive tape, no obvious shedding (font allows slight shedding, but does not affect reading); if necessary, the use of bags, content smear, alcohol resistance, friction test, no obvious abnormalities.

Material requirements

The material requirements of glass bottles are consistent with the standard samples.

Specification requirements

The specifications must conform to the requirements of the drawings.

Compatibility requirements

Bottle and cap (nozzle), gasket, plug (bowl) should cooperate smoothly, not too tight, loose, crooked, sliding teeth; the distance between bottle and cap (nozzle) is between 0.3-0.8 mm.

Net content requirement

When filling the contents to the shoulder position of the container (aesthetic filling height), it should be greater than the product labeling value less than 105% of the product labeling value.

Tightness requirements

Under vacuum for -0.08Mpa for 5 minutes, no leakage was detected.