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The fire-free fragrance essential oil filling liquid wash away the nail polish

Update:03 Apr 2020

The solubility of the nail polish in the essential oil […]

The solubility of the nail polish in the essential oil filling liquid is even greater. Apply the essential oil filling liquid to the nails. The nail polish on the nails will dissolve into the essential oil to achieve the effect of removing the nail polish.
Aromatherapy essential oil refers to a volatile oil extracted from flowers, leaves, fruit peels, bark, etc. It is called essential oil. It has plant-specific aroma and pharmacological effects. There are as many as 200 kinds of essential oils for aromatherapy. There are single fragrance-free oils, as well as blended and spiced oils.
Fire-free aromatherapy seems to be very convenient, but generally you go to see big-name essential oils without fire-free aromatherapy products, so to speak, fire-free aromatherapy only has the smell of aromatherapy, but no traditional aromatherapy effect!glass nail polish bottle suppliers
So if you want to really feel the effect of aromatherapy, it is better to use pure natural essential oils. You can use it on the second floor, or you can use aromatherapy furnace for aromatherapy. You can buy it on Taobao. It is economical. One point is the price. If the price is significantly lower than other similar products, it is not recommended to buy. The cost is there. If it is too low, there is a problem. Second, it may be pure. The price of different purity is also different. The third is packaging. Like the transparent glass bottle in the photo of the landlord, the quality of the essential oil is definitely not good. It is generally dark or brown glass bottle, because it needs to be protected from light and heat!
Of course, when buying essential oils, there is still a lot of attention. You can go to major forums to learn more and learn. If you want to make good use of essential oils, you are still more particular about it!