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What types of nail polish?

Update:07 May 2020

There are 11 types of nail polish, the types are as fol […]

There are 11 types of nail polish, the types are as follows:

1. Bright nail polish: it is general nail polish;

2. Transparent nail polish: it will reflect the gloss Professional Plastic Caps Manufacturerswith the light, if it is frozen like a transparent feeling;

3. Pearlescent nail polish: under a specific light, showing a light pearlescent effect;

4. Glare nail polish: different colors will produce different colors;



5. Foggy nail polish: matte texture like frosted glass;

6. Sequin nail polish: Add sequins or glitter to the nail polish;

7. Velvet nail polish: When the nail polish is not dry, spread a layer of velvet to show white hands, the disadvantage is that it is easy to fall off

8. Cracked nail polish: apply it when the base color is set, and it will crack after it dries quickly;

9. Fluorescent nail polish: after application, the nails will shine in a dark place;

10. Caviar nail polish: Like velvet nail polish, it is sprinkled on the nails when drying quickly, with a three-dimensional effect;

11. Nail polish that changes temperature: it changes color according to the increase and decrease of human body temperature. Generally, the high temperature is dark, and the low temperature is light.