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Why is essential oil packaging like a small pill bottle?

Update:30 Sep 2019

Essential oils are the natural essence of plants, so th […]

Essential oils are the natural essence of plants, so the characteristics include: volatile, fear of light, fear of temperature changes and so on, so you must choose your own packaging, in order to facilitate its preservation.
First of all, the essential oil bottle must be sealed so that the essential oil does not volatilize, and substances such as oxygen do not chemically react with the essential oil. By the way, the professionalEssential Oil Bottles Manufacturers packaging uses two layers of plastic cover, which must be corrosion-resistant. The inner cover has a small hole to facilitate the pouring of essential oil. The size of this hole is very particular. It is generally necessary to ensure that 1 ml is 20 drops. The cover is generally dark and has an anti-theft chain design. There is a drip cap on the market, which is not scientific, because once the rubber head is corroded by essential oil molecules, it is easy to age harden. Therefore, the purity of the "essential oil" generally used in the oil of such a cover is very debatable.
Second, all essential oil bottles should be dark, including brown, dark green and dark blue. The traditional essential oil bottle is made of dark brown, which can effectively avoid the light from illuminating the essential oil, resulting in a decline in quality.
Third, the material of the essential oil bottle is generally glass. The thickness of the bottle must be firm. The fine oil bottle should pass the drop test at a certain height.
There are also some essential oils that are packaged in colorless clear glass bottles, but there is also a small aluminum can on the outside to ensure protection from light.
In fact, there are many packagings of essential oils, such as aluminum cans and copper cans. They are very traditional and are more beneficial to the preservation of essential oils. However, due to cost considerations, many essential oil manufacturers are not commonly used, only when storing essential oils in large quantities. Only use aluminum cans.
As for the way in which various brands choose packaging, it is actually ever-changing. For example, the Chinese people often pay attention to the quality of packaging rather than essential oils. The outer carton is very beautiful, but the quality of the essential oils is not high. So be careful when choosing essential oils.
In the French, German, English and other countries where aromatherapy is popular, essential oils can be used as medicines. It is said that bottles are like small medicine bottles, and they are also very vivid.